How Can Sleeping Make You Grow Taller

by Khaleel Jones on June 24, 2011

If you are not happy with your height and you want to grow taller, let me break down to you a fact that you won’t believe is true but it is true! Did you know that every time you have a good night sleep, your height is increasing like almost one inch while you are asleep? You may be thinking why you haven’t grown tall if that usually happens. Here is the explanation for that.

The spinal column is responsible for much of our height as humans. This part of the nervous system is made up of small bone pieces and it is also known as vertebrae normally with 33 bone pieces connected to each other.

Each small bone is attached to another by means of ligament tissues which allows each bone to be connected but without the danger of locking or friction. This kind of connection allows these bones to not touch each other and make them move in some degree. We are able to become flexible in bending because of this bone connection. Now, between every vertebrae is a set of plates known as in-vertebral discs. These cartilaginous discs cushion each vertebrae.

In-vertebral discs have certain protection functions on the vertebrae just in case the person should knock or fall. During those accidents, these discs act as shock absorbers for the spine. This makes us safer from possible damages of the spine.

The set of in-vertebral discs makes up almost 25% of the spinal column and it is normally measured a total of 6 inches. So if the discs are a bit thicker then the spinal column will be stretched. As the spinal cord stretches longer, then the taller the person would become. Now, let us go back to the effects of sleep in growing taller.

Aside from being a connection and protection for the spines, the in-vertebral discs also functions as the fluid nutrient absorber. Everyday, you may be placing a large deal of weight on these factor for a period of time when you do strenuous work. This compresses the in-vertebral discs which shortens the spinal column.

During work throughout the day, the discs become compressed and thinner. However, once you started taking a rest and having enough sleep at night, the pressure on the discs is lessen which gives it a chance to relax and expand. The expansion of these discs is brought by lesser to no pressure and free nutrient absorption during that condition. This makes you taller while you sleep because the spinal column is stretched again due to the expansion of the in-vertebral discs.

On the other hand, growing about an inch during sleep is just temporary. As you wake up and do activities, the weight of your body and the weight of work will compress the discs again which brings you back to your height.

So now that you know that you actually grow taller while you sleep, it can be an amazing new fact that you discovered. But this fact has also given researchers the idea to a permanent growing taller solution.

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